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I Became A Stone Mason for 30 Days!

Most Popular Article!

Learn how I was one of the over 12,500 volunteers who helped build the largest Hindu temple in the United States - BAPS Swaminarayan Akshardham, Robbinsville, NJ.

a close up of a person playing a trombonea close up of a person playing a trombone

Learning to Adjust

Having played the trombone for 8 years, I have learnt a thing about harmony - both musical harmony and the value of harmony.

Singing the Stories of Harmony

Tap into the tales of harmony from ancient cultures around the world. These stories are not merely in books, bit are carved in stone on the walls of the BAPS Hindu Mandir in Abu Dhabi.

Into the Unknown

Ever wanted advice on how to navigate your first semester of college?

Read my story on how family time, routines, and community help in navigating your first year at university.

photography of forestphotography of forest

You Deserve Peace

Do you want justice or do you want peace? Forgiveness may seem difficult, especially if you wish for justice. Learn about the origins of Diwali on one of the toughest lessons in forgiveness from history.